payment options Yakima, WA

Dr. Kroner and the team here at Kroner Chiropractic are dedicated to providing you with the best healthcare possible, with the goal of you reaching your optimal health and function. For that reason, we will always recommend everything that you need for the benefit of your condition and will not make recommendations based only on what your insurance will cover.

Health Insurance

Dr. Kroner is a preferred provider with most insurance companies. We are happy to bill your health insurance on your behalf, but please understand that you are responsible for deductibles, copayments, coinsurances and any services that were rendered which insurance denies payment of. Per Dr. Kroner’s contract with your insurance, copays are due same day of service. In accordance with the No Surprises Act, we will verify your insurance benefits and supply you with a fee schedule of all our services.

Self-Pay / Wellness Plan

For patients who do not have coverage through an insurance plan, or are under-insured, we have affordable Self-Pay options and discounts offered for payment rendered at the time of service. We also offer an affordable Wellness Plan once you have reached the maintenance stage of your care and your condition is no longer acute. Please ask our receptionist for details.


Dr. Kroner is contracted with most Medicare plans, and we are happy to verify your insurance coverage and limitations for you. Please note that Medicare does not cover X-Rays when performed by a Chiropractor. You may either pay for these services in our office, or at the time of your complimentary consultation we can provide an order for the needed X-Rays to a facility where Medicare will cover them for you.

Personal Injury / Automobile Accident

Dr. Kroner accepts all auto insurances, and when you come in for your first scheduled appointment, we will collect the pertinent claim information from you. If you have Personal Injury Protection coverage, or PIP, this benefit will pay for your treatment as you receive services. If your claim is a Third Party claim, the auto insurance withholds payment for your services until settlement is reached at the end of your treatment. We are happy to work with you no matter the type of claim that you have. If you have any questions or concerns, please speak with our Office Manager.

Workers’ Compensation

Dr. Kroner accepts all Worker’s Compensation claims. Whether you need to open a claim, or if you already have an open claim, we can assist you with all aspects of care.

Remember, it is the policy of this office to never turn any patient away from care due to financial circumstances. We offer many options to assist you with your financial responsibility and if you require to make special financial arrangements, please request a consultation with our Office Manager. We are happy to include you in our practice family here at Kroner Chiropractic!